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NEVER APOLOGIZE ABOUT YOUR CHILD’S BEHAVIOR Many parents feel very embarrassed when their child acts out or acts inappropriately in social situations.  As parents, our first response is to apologize for our child’s behavior.  This often-immediate response is due to our feeling judged by those around us.  Instead of worrying about what others are thinking...


Do you worry about the upcoming birthday party, family, or playdate that your child will attend?  Atypical children often face challenges when attending such celebrations.  Your child may exhibit anxiety about going to such get-togethers.  This can present as your son/daughter’s saying they do not want to go.


For the atypical child transitions can create enormous challenges.  If you are reading this you surely have experienced these difficult moments with your son/daughter. Morning can be a major transition time as you try to get your child ready for school.  The influx of stimuli your child receives upon awaking can create tremendous anxiety. 


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