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Our family was blessed to have Ms. Ebenstein teach my son in first grade and then again in third grade. My son had ADD and ODD. She saw in him the potential that other teachers overlooked. They saw him as a behavior issue. She saw him as a small person who was funny, creative, and intelligent. It is hard to put into words the positive impact she had on him and us as parents. We are forever grateful to have had her in our lives.

Crystal V.

Our son was lucky to have had Gail as a teacher in Pre-1. He had just been diagnosed with ADHD and was struggling with all of the behavioral issues that come along with it. Gail was the very first teacher he’s ever had who he felt fully “got him” and understood what he was going through. She was incredibly understanding, loving and so supportive to our son that we could not have asked for a better guide for him at school. Gail’s desire for our son to overcome hurdles and achieve goals was so touching and so effective. When he had anxiety attacks, she was extremely patient and always knew the right way to help him and make him feel better… better than we as parents knew. She gave our son the lifelong tools to help him during the times he will need them most. As parents, she gave us guidance, advice, tips and support at times where we felt lost with no clue what to do and whom to turn to. We are forever thankful that we were lucky enough to have Gail as a teacher for our son and as a teacher for us parents as we navigated the uncertain and unpredictable waters of this diagnosis.

KS and YS

When a child receives a diagnosis for a mental or behavioral disorder, it can be devastating. But Gail is here to help. She will be more than a consultant. She will be a compass to guide your family in their uncharted journey. Having walked a similar path with her own son, she is well-versed in the unique challenges such families face. With her calm and comforting demeanor, Gail’s mission is to lead families through the stress of the unknown and to show them the light that awaits. An educator for more than 20 years, Gail aims to bridge the chasm between the medical community and the child. And she does this with warmth, kindness and humor. She will be honored for the trust you place in her capable, loving hands.

Dr.’s Lipton

Gail’s tenderness, compassion and sensitivity are qualities which are vital to this work. Her personal experience has led her to a deep understanding of what people need, in navigating a complicated and emotional situation. Gail is able to break- down and explain any circumstance and provide steps, in order to help families gently maneuver through them. She is a shoulder to cry on, yet, a firm and confident professional who will accompany you through this challenging journey while you seek the answers you need, for your child and you family. Gail Ebenstein is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Cindy D.

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