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Many parents feel very embarrassed when their child acts out or acts inappropriately in social situations.  As parents, our first response is to apologize for our child’s behavior.  This often-immediate response is due to our feeling judged by those around us.  Instead of worrying about what others are thinking (we often don’t really know), we need to focus on our child and what is causing their behavior.  

Give Your Child What They Need

When children act out, they are trying to tell us something.  Instead of trying to explain or apologize for their behavior, we need to focus on our child and figure out what is causing their melt-down.  Don’t waste your time worrying about the judgment of others, your job is to help your child.  Step back emotionally and figure out what is going on.  Is your child overwhelmed, overexcited, or overstimulated?  It is your job to judge what is happening and tend to your child.

Create a Plan of Action

This is most likely not the first time you have faced this situation.  Having a plan in place will help you and your child when their inappropriate behavior occurs.  You are going to feel embarrassed; we are only human and this reaction is normal.  You will need to put your feelings aside and act on your child’s behalf.  Having a plan in place will be hugely beneficial.  Depending on the event you can decide that you need to:  

Escape or Avoid?

You are going to feel embarrassed – but it’s not about you -it’s about helping your child.  You do not need to explain your actions or your child’s behavior to anyone.

-Take your child into another room to help them calm down. This will enable you to figure out what’s going on. Are they hungry/thirsty, tired, or overstimulated and can’t tell you? 

-If you are in a public setting and your child is acting inappropriately you can always just leave before the behavior escalates.

Remember it’s not about you or the people who you think are judging you, it’s all about your child and being there to make sure they are getting what they need.

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